Egypt must halt spread of ‘blind terrorism’ from Sinai

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Abdellatif ElmenawyBy Abdel Latif el-Menawy

The sinful men who killed Egyptian soldiers at Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan in Rafah and when the Brotherhood was still in power are the same sinful men who killed other Egyptian soldiers and wounded dozens of others in the recent Arish operation. The two operations cannot be separated and we can rather say that the aim of the first operation was to keep the army away from the arena. When these men lost control over the country’s capabilities they lost their temper and launched their terrorist operations aimed at nothing else other than to kill, destroy and sabotage.

I am not directing accusations at anyone in particular in the Brotherhood movement. I am rather directing the accusation to the entire Brotherhood – to those who colluded and remained silent, to those who lurked and to those who wanted to distance the Egyptian army and people and control the country in order to establish their alleged caliphate which is not any different than the caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), with the only difference between the image they put forward.

The Arish terrorist attack that killed Egyptian soldiers and civilians proves once more that this is our battle, as army and people. We are all in one trench against a blind terrorist organization that recognizes no one but itself, worshiping only itself and its ignorant doctrines that don’t recognize humanity and patriotism. Such organizations sacrifice anything to reach their aims and thus target civilians and army personnel by placing bombs in restaurants and on trains and buses. They thus contradict their statements that they only target the police and army. They have once more awakened us to the fact that the enemy does not differentiate between an Egyptian civilian and an Egyptian military recruit. These groups have always been against the Egyptian people, regardless of their status.

“The Arish terrorist attack that killed Egyptian soldiers and civilians proves once more that this is our battle, as army and people”.

Abdel Latif el-Menawy

Their operations have moved from Sinai to the neighborhoods of Cairo and different governorates after the Jan. 25 commemoration. This was an attempt to create fear at a time when Egypt is finally moving forward to prepare for parliamentary elections – the third and last phase of the roadmap – and for the world economic development conference. It’s thus an attempt by the terrorist group to delude the world into thinking that Egypt is tension- and violence-ridden. They are thus trying to thwart the economic conference and obstruct the implementation of the roadmap.

The state needs to decisively deal with this violence, which is spreading and targeting several areas. Even though this violence is of no significance in some places, it’s still cause for concern and this is exactly what the terrorist groups and their media proxies want – they want to tell the world that there’s violence in Egypt again.

And as the government decisively deals with these terrorist groups, it must not overlook two important aspects: the economic and the social ones. The economic aspect means that the state needs to move forward in terms of economic and nationalistic projects that had already been launched and to resume creating an atmosphere of development. One the aims of the terrorist groups is to corrupt any developmental operations and economic progress. The social aspect lies in uniting politicians around the country and around the latter’s projects. It lies in making the Egyptians feel that they are united against extremism and sabotage as this alone is enough to thwart terror plans and to foil the organization that is apparently willing to eliminate all Egyptians in order to return to power once more.

“For Egyptian, the battle ahead will be a long one. It’s a battle to build the country and a battle against blind terrorism”.

Abdel Latif el-Menawy

For Egyptian, the battle ahead will be a long one. It’s a battle to build the country and a battle against blind terrorism. It will not be enough to fight one battle and ignore another. We must fight both battles and we must win both. Perhaps at this point the Egyptians must recall that 1960’s slogan: “A hand that builds and a hand that holds the weapon.”


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