Bureaucrats must learn Sisi cannot save Egypt alone

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Alarabiya
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We must be careful of taking steps  backwards or of being pushed backwards. God has helped us restore Egypt again after it was lost, or was almost lost. We restored it as a country for all Egyptians thanks to the people who took to the streets and thanks to the army’s support and the risks they took. Since the situation did not bear hesitation and since we didn’t have the luxury of time, of contemplation and of engaging in a futile Byzantium argument, the solution, or the choice, was that he who led the task of restoring the country leads the country. And so Sisi became Egypt’s president, the leader of all Egyptians.images

What’s certain is that the public and the government have been imbued with a new spirit. Whether they are abiding by the new president’s performance or admiring it, officials have begun to brag about waking up early and about resolving problems they’ve inherited or about their attempts to resolve them. Nowadays, we hear it a lot that the president is following up on certain issues himself and is communicating with officials to follow up on their work. This is a new situation. They are all indications of positive aspects that we can sense in society, even if at a relatively small scale. But is this enough?

The president’s intent and honest aims

A person cannot doubt the president’s intent and honest aims. I personally can testify to this honesty and unlimited dedication that only aims to develop the country and restore the status it’s lost over many decades. I think the frank and logical answer is that this is not enough because the activity we see is still uncontrolled. Perseverance among officials, or among most of them, is a reaction to a serious and decisive president. They are interacting with him but it’s still uncontrolled because political proceedings haven’t been organized within a coherent system that has a clear vision and aims.

Perseverance among officials, or among most of them, is a reaction to a serious and decisive president

Abdel Latif el-Menawy

For many years, I have summarized Egypt’s major problem in the absence of such a system. The secret to nations’ and people’s progress is “the system” – the presence of a scientific system that runs the country’s affairs in all its details. A clear system must be imposed to get the work done. It must specify roles and divide them and hold each person accountable according to how responsible he is. Above all this, having a “vision” is the most important aspect of this system. I know that during this phase, President Sisi is working on studying the establishment of a team of aides. Although this is important, I call on him to first form a specialized team to build the state’s systems.

No matter how wide his vision, frankness and dedication go – and they are all characteristics I testify he has – the president will not be able to work alone, or to work according to an old or traditional style, or according to a defective one. He will not be able to work in the absence of a system which lacks complete vision and which does not adopt scientific standards as a basic method towards implementing, measuring and establishing working relations.

This article was first published in al-Masry al-Youm on July 6, 2014.


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