Egypt, an independent country and civilization

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Alarabiya

Abdellatif ElmenawyBy Abdel Latif El-menawy

One of the fatal mistakes committed by the previous regime was its underestimation of the public’s ability to vent its anger and its capability of affecting the government’s strength. Sometimes, this wrong estimation reached the extent of underestimating people and dealing with them as per formulas void of a humane factor. When those who ran Egypt’s affairs dealt with Egyptians in terms of mathematical formulas and statistics, the real results were not predictable as public opinion is not a programmable laptop or iPad. And so, the regime either collapsed or did not find support from its friends to confront the scheme to topple it.

“We believe that Egypt is a state, country and civilization and that it will never be part of their bigger country. Its people will not allow the leadership to dwarf it and it will not be an emirate led by a ruler” Abdel Latif el-Menawy

I mention the previous regime because the current one has trespassed all limits trespassed by the former regime. The current regime has moved beyond all that falls within the acceptable. If we are to consider that the previous regime made wrong calculations, then the current regime has not made any calculations at all! It has dealt with a great deal of carelessness with all its opponents. That aggrandized feeling of power and desire to avenge is the manual of the Muslim Brotherhood’s behavior, and they abide by it whilst ruling us. It doesn’t end here. The former Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood, who is in fact influential, has through his new statements confirmed this stance. He proved that it was not a slip of a tongue when he said “Egypt shouldn’t even matter.” This vision of Egypt seems rooted in the group’s morals, and it surfaces in moments of truth despite their attempts to hide it by embellishing words. The statements, attributed to the former Supreme Guide, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, confirmed that vision and revealed the Brotherhood’s real character as he denied his statements. He accused the reporter and the daily, which published the statements, of lying. The daily and the journalist however brought forward the recorded audio of his speech as evidence. Not only that, but the daily also published parts of the speech that it did not reveal before because it considered them to be beyond the acceptable.

An unacceptable speech

To confirm or explain what I mean by comparing the current regime with the previous one, let me touch on some of what the prominent influential figure, Akef, said.

The biggest surprise he made at the beginning was his emphasis that the “Renaissance” project, announced as Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi’s electoral agenda, cannot be implemented without the “brotherhoodization” of the state institutions. He emphasized that the president, regardless of some state institutions’ lack of cooperation and of the fierce media and judicial attack against him, will remain in his post despite the spiteful people’s will.

In his speech, Akef – the former Supreme Guide, said that requests to dismiss the attorney general were “shameful.” He said; “disbanding the people’s council which was elected by 32 million Egyptians is evidence that the judiciary is sick.” He added; “all judges are afraid. When a parliament [is elected] a decision will be made to [sack] 3,500 judge and consultants.” Let me remind the reader that the ruling party’s legal committee is working on a draft law on judicial authority and this draft law includes lowering the judges’ retirement age. This will lead to the ouster of many judges. Akef told the daily “Al-Jarida” that “3,500 judges will be [dismissed] soon.”

Akef also said that “the U.S., through former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, provided 10 million dollars for the Egyptians to vote with a ‘no’ on the constitution [referendum] but the Egyptians still voted with a ‘yes’.”

When asked about TV host Bassem Youssef, who is accused by the general prosecution of contempt of Islam and insulting the president, the former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide said; “this Bassem is frivolous. I watched his show once. He is frivolous and he has insulted his masters.”

On the accusations that current Supreme Guide Doctor Mohamed Badih is the one ruling Egypt, Akef said; “[you think] the guide has time for you? The Brotherhood is in 80 countries. Mursi is not a ruler enough?” He also said that the guide is busy with important matters like global organization and the guidance office is a small part of this organization. He describes Mohamed Mursi as Egypt’s “ruler” but he does specify his vision of Egypt which is “smaller” than their international organization. Is it an emirate, a suburb, a street or an alley?!

Borders with Sudan

There are previous statements made by Akef regarding the borders with Sudan. He said: “the Muslim Brotherhood does not consider that there is a problem among Arab and Islamic countries regarding their borders which were imposed upon them by colonization when Arabs and Muslims were inattentive.” He emphasized that this principle is rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood’s morals, clarifying that it is not acceptable that brothers fight over few meters here and there no matter what the situation is. He also said: “Egypt’s problem with Sudan, regarding the Halayeb and Shalatin Triangle, has been fabricated in order to disrupt relations among brothers and create aversion.” He went on to say, “the Sudanese side has itself covered borders from the Ethiopian and Eritrean side in order to confront this rebellious man who receives aid from all countries.” Unfortunately, this aid comes from most Arab countries. This aims to keep Sudan busy [and drive it] to pull away its army to the North. Therefore, the Sudanese people do not want this problem to cause a war between the two brotherly countries. The Sudanese people are among the most loyal people to Egypt and its people.”

He concluded by saying “whether Halayeb and Shalatin are considered as Sudanese or Egyptian land, I do not see any problem in that as per my knowledge of the opposing parties. The future is that of one nation which is unified by this religion and this language and which the vein of the Nile runs into.”

What is certain is that this orientation is not only Akef’s but it has become a provocative style used by various members of the Brotherhood to compete. They compete to the extent that we look to the mistakes of the past and realize that the latter are nothing compared to what they are doing now.

We believe that Egypt is a state, country and civilization and that it will never be part of their bigger country. Its people will not allow the leadership to dwarf it and it will not be an emirate led by a ruler.


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