Joining hands to prevent cutting fingers

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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images1By Abdel Latif El-menawy

This is not the first time Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi loses his temper and starts threatening everyone. Last time, he said he would cut off any finger that “meddles” in the country, but this time he seems more serious. Many have interpreted his anger as a reflection of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rejection of popular dissent and unrest.

Egyptians no longer take his statements seriously. Two days after announcing martial law in the three provinces of the Suez Canal, and deploying the army to maintain security, activists on social networking sites posted a video showing soldiers and citizens from Port Said playing football together during curfew.

Mursi, who only addressed Egyptians three days after the eruption of deadly violence in several governorates, surprised people with his stern, short statement threatening to take additional action if necessary. He did not talk of a political solution or mistakes made. He only criticized the opposition and “saboteurs.”

Mursi is pursuing and intimidating opponents of the Brotherhood’s behavior and policies that are shackling Egypt, with the aim of silencing the people. I underline my support for all journalists working and taking risks under such conditions, and urge my colleagues, and Egyptians in general, at this critical stage to rise above any personal or professional differences to defend the country.

The prevailing mood among Egyptians is one of depression and frustration, in a country where both rich and poor are equally affected. This anger is being readily expressed on the streets, while political leaders in government and opposition are proving themselves ineffective. People no longer believe in them, and think they are only after personal gain.

This is the cause of nationwide violence, which neither the Brotherhood nor the opposition can control or stop. The situation is akin to a volcano that seems active – it may lead to an explosion, or may calm down for a short time, but what is certain is that the volcano has not yet subsided.


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