Has the West started to regret its support to Islamists?

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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election_2389340bBy ABDEL LATIF EL-MENAWY

All the regional systems in the Middle East are collapsing or on the verge of its destruction.

The rebel movements and revolutions, political fires and armed confrontations in the region, raise many questions about whether the region is preparing itself to redraw the political borders and change powers, or if the process has already started. As I have previously mentioned in my last article, the future of the region depends on the result of the outcome of the Egyptian situation.

If the Islamists were able to tighten their grip not just on power, but also on the joints and mind of the country, and its society, this would mark the collapse of the entire region. On the other hand, if the voice of civilization and rationality is able to find a place guaranteeing some stability in the society, even if it doesn’t take the reins for the moment, this will give a glimmer of hope that the region might be able to find a formula to avoid the collapse and catch up with modernity.


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