The zero hour after the referendum that will divide Egypt

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

56334_660_untitled-328By ABDEL LATIF EL-MENAWY

The main stream political Islamists have spoken several times about the “Zero Hour.” Observers –mainly the Egyptian people, are currently confused as to when this hour will come? Some people say this hour will come when people overrun the presidential palace, as stories to topple the president claim, or when the Constitutional Court annuls the Constituent Assembly and its constituents.

This is what the mainstream Islamists have threatened the “infidels –these being many Egyptian people—with. In my opinion, I expect the “zero hour” to take place after the announcement of the referendum’s fraudulent results through which the presidential control over Egypt will be completed.

The “zero hour” will then be triggered when they will all rush to take revenge under the constitutional and legal cover that they created; the revenge that will be commended by the group’s leaders, its members and its allies, will aim to an ethnic cleansing operation on the basis of politics, ideologies and religion. They will take their revenge from those who are different; they do not believe in coexistence: They have been planning for so long and it was obvious since the very first signs about the clan and family. It is a new way of discrimination.

The “zero hour” will take place when they will try to control their prey away from everyone and determine its future as they believe it should be. Their first step will be the constitution that has been quickly drafted during a suspicious strange night. They will definitely try, in every possible way, to ratify this draft document, and this may be a factor that will lead to depression and a sense of futility in Egypt. Nevertheless, I believe that the persistence in declaring the position regarding this constitution, is the remaining hope to show that Egypt did not lose its faithful citizens who still have the ability to save the country against the movement of history.

Therefore, I keep asking to continuously refute this constitution that has shed the blood of the Egyptians who tried to assert their rejection of a constitution that challenges the unity of the country.

The results that were publicized in the first phase of the referendum, strongly confirm my point of view. Despite all the excesses and fraud, it was obvious that almost half of the voters have voted against it. This is not a sign of democracy as their supporters will claim, but rather it depicts a clear split within the country. A modest majority can express democracy in stable societies that had already determined their main choices, but we have a different situation in Egypt because we have not chosen our path yet. We had hoped that this constitution will be the beginning of a new future, but the ruling group decided to take matters into their own hands and follow the principle of exaggeration not compromises, in order to prepare the circumstances for its vision and supranational objectives.

The second phase of the referendum on the constitution, which will take place in few hours, is considered as persistence on underestimating the intelligence and capabilities of the Egyptians. This case of arrogance and moodiness that is controlling the Brotherhood and their allies, reminds me of the situation before the fall of the regimes. Therefore, I ask each person who cares about this nation to reject the abduction of the country. I ask them to reject this constitution and I think that many of the ruling group’s members who have preserved their intellectual independence and still respect their minds, will agree with me.

I will quickly tackle the main points that are the reasons why I ask all those who have a healthy mind and opinion, to refuse it. This “spoiled” document will do the following: it will restrict the freedom of the press and media, it will grant the president the referendum authority even over the court rulings, and it has also made the president the head of the government and at the same time, the mediator between all authorities.

This “spoiled” constitution has also granted the president unlimited powers without any political accountability, and it has also made the Shura Council, the sole legislator until the next parliamentary elections: 85 percent of the council are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies. It misleadingly kept the workers and laborers’ share as it is, and expanded at the same time the definition of the worker and farmer to include the majority of the citizens: this document will control the unions through the government, which has the right to resolve all the unions.

It gave the president the sole right to appoint or dismiss the chiefs of the regulatory authorities, and to appoint the members of the Constitutional Court while dishonorably decreasing their competences and it gave the president as well, the sole right to appoint the leaders of the armed forces. In short, it is a process aiming towards creating a Pharaoh.

More importantly, this document establishes a non-civil state that authorizes the establishment of religious parties, and it is full of stipulations that push Egypt away from being the country and homeland of all the Egyptians.


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