Mursi sacrificing his homeland for the sake of the Brotherhood

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized


The Egyptian president, who prides himself along with his supporters for being democratically elected has succeeded in dividing the country. The Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders have managed to use Mohammed Mursi as a puppet, given he’s implemented their policies and ideologies by ethnically cleansing the country of those with different political and religious affiliations. From day one they have taken advantage of the situation, by manipulating the president after they abducted the Egyptian people’s revolution. This was their way of bringing the Brotherhood’s dream to the forefront, after the group was originally founded with British support, to seize power and establish a religious state that transcends the concept of a homeland.

The group has succeeded along with its allies to split the Egyptians into “us” and “them” by using Islam for political gains. Once in the presidential palace, they forced the nation to obey and agree to a new constitutional plan. The brotherhoods supporters agreed to raise taxes but the government has taken the choice to postpone the bills implementation. Others in the newly elected government, who are linked to the group, have also participated in drafting constitutional articles which they know nothing about. All they know is that the Muslim Brotherhood supreme leader is the one with the last word and should be obeyed.

The majority consist of those who were satisfied or did not find a way to get food, except through going as a herd to any square or “obedience and submission” gathering, with other “herds” of allies, who unanimously agree on invading the land and its people. Amid this demented situation, the national and rational moderated voices have faded.

Among the chants that I have heard from those who call themselves as protectors of the legitimacy and Sharia, there was a slogan intended of course to Mr. Mursi, saying that the latter misled his opponents with an empty hand and knocked them out with the other hand; this case has prevailed in the society that they divided. In parallel with all that, a strong desire has emerged to create a state of terror for all their opponents whom they considered as enemies of Islam and Sharia. It comes in light of the remarks that we have recently heard from those who claim to be member of the clergy but were actually blinded by the desire for power; one of them said “thousands are waiting for the zero hour”, and another one added “a faithful one told the brothers that there are hundreds of thousands in the streets of Cairo waiting and alerted” and not far from those, there are some prepared lists of assassination, in case the state collapsed. All the above mentioned states were accompanied by arrogance, verbal terrorism and by their representatives who compulsorily occupied all screens. Why wouldn’t that happen in light of the national media “empowerment” and the siege against the rest of the population, under the knowledge of the leaders who misled the Egyptians, saying that the president will be for everyone. Apparently he only saw his tribe’s members and he only followed the instructions of his group’s leadership; apparently his oath of loyalty, commitment and obedience will always prevail above everything else even if he claims the contrary.

As it seems, they are still working to achieve their goals and take complete control through a constitution that I do not actually believe that it should be regarded as a constitution. They disregarded the rest of the population and as one of their leaders said: “whom who does not like the rule of Islamists, can leave the country”, adding that they can find tens of embassies in Cairo; Didn’t I tell you from the beginning that it is an ethnic cleansing on the basis of political and religious affiliations.

I am afraid, like many others, that what is coming next is much worse in light of this ideology’s seizure of the capabilities of the country, split of the nation’s unity, creation of a state of rupture and their rule according to the “us” and “them” logic; I am also afraid of the imposition of a twisted constitution. This state of provocation and violence is destroying all the elements of society and the homeland concept would not remain as we know it today.

Few weeks ago, I asked a question: “Would he do it?” I was asking about the ability of Mr. Mursi to cut the umbilical cord between him and the Brotherhood so his decision would be for everyone’s sake. Today, I reiterate the question: Can he manly resign before it is too late?


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