Denouncing the Brotherhood state

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“They captured me, dragged me on the ground, then tied me up. One of them asked me to admit that I received money from certain political figures to attack members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They kept slapping and beating me only to throw me later on the ground filled with other people they detained at the presidential palace.”

This is a testimony by one of the dozens who were attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood’s militias and forced to confess to an imaginary conspiracy adopted by their “elected president,” who insisted that the conspirators had already confessed even though they were not yet interrogated by police and were released afterward.

This simply means that President Mohamed Mursi depended on the investigations conducted by the militias who took it upon themselves to arrest and extract confessions from people and who assumed that the state is theirs. The Brotherhood managed to reveal its true face and could not care less about its image at the moment since its only purpose is the monopoly of power and the exclusion of all kinds of opposition and all under the name of religion which they have been using to reach their worldly gains.

All the policies adopted by the Brotherhood and its representative in the presidency have divided Egypt in two camps. Their conduct is similar to that of King Luis XIII, who ruled France for 54 years (1661-1715). King Luis XIII demanded absolute obedience and identified himself with the state. There will, however, come a day when they will repeat the words the French king said on his death bed: “I will go, but the state will remain.” Hopefully, this would happen before they manage to destroy Egypt.

The Brotherhood wants absolute power and is not willing to share this power except with its allies who have to abide by its rules. They have also organized their ranks so that each unit is doing a different job and all complement each other in the end: militias, preachers, lawyers… etc.

The people’s reaction has definitely surprised and confused them, but this did not stop their leaderships from adding fuel to the fire. They also started manipulating as they pretended to retract while in fact they were preparing for another attack. This was made obvious with the last constitutional declaration that was issued Saturday and which meant to offer illusory concessions in order to authorize the sectarian constitution that lays the foundations of the Brotherhood’s state; the state that is bound to be denounced by all Egyptians.

Finally, it is noteworthy that those political powers struggling to stop the establishment of a dictatorship cannot be categorized as “opposition.” Opposition operates in a stable country with defined policies. They should instead be called the “guardians of the civil state” or “the proponents of citizenship”… those who protect the country from being ruled by one single entity.


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