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15in_th__egypt_1299966gBy ABDEL LATIF EL-MENAWY

Through rigging, mobilization, bribery, or religious manipulation, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood managed to deceive simple-minded people that voting “yes” for the constitution is the ticket to heaven and that “no” is only for the enemies of Islam. This way, they were able to pass a document that is going to drag Egypt to an uncertain future. It is through this document that the group plan to take control of Egypt and crush its rivals. We are now facing an ominous reality that we need to deal with and find the ways to change. Surrendering will only take us backwards and that is why we are left with no option except resisting.

For the past few months, I had seen everything I dreaded coming true and every time I struggled to remain hopeful, I was dealt another blow. Liberal powers were not able to overcome their short-sighted ambitions and unite in one strong front and none of them was able to fill the vacuum on its own. Those powers were torn between rivalry, vengeance, and revolutionary romanticism and therefore gave room to groups who claim to represent religion to prevail and to even neutralize the one power that had at the time been capable of making a difference: the army. The end result was they managed to monopolize power and to become the sole players in the political scene.

The group that has not yet emerged in its full power is the silent majority, commonly known as the “couch party.” It is true that members of this party have started breaking their silence, but the magnitude of their influence remains to be demonstrated. Those are the real majority, a majority that is not linked to rigged votes and bribed voters. They are the actual challenge. If we want to change the reality in which we have been forcefully placed by the Muslim Brotherhood, we need to instigate this majority into positive action.

We are suffering from what came to be called the “broken step” culture. When one of the steps in the staircase of a building is broken, the wife asks her husband on his way to work and her children on their way to school to “beware the broken step” and the same applies to guests. However, no one thinks of fixing this broken step and we find ourselves adapting to the problem rather than solving it. This is exactly what we need to get rid of. Instead of adapting to reality, we have to work on changing it and we have to resist falling pray to exhaustion or despair. It is, therefore, important for prominent political leaders to reject adaptation.

January 25 is approaching and I believe it could be a good opportunity for alerting this majority into fearing for the future of this country. The new rulers need to realize that the people will not accept monopoly and exclusion and that the majority that had been made silent for long is now back to take part in the decision-making process. The question is: how can this be achieved? Through utter dedication and faith in the necessity of preserving the civilian character of the state, through giving up personal ambition and prioritizing the welfare of the country over personal grudges and endless incrimination, and through realizing that if the ship is to sink everyone will drown. Before all this, it is absolutely important to rally under one common goal.

This needs to be done not only quickly, but also sincerely. Sincerity is what moves the people and is what this silent majority needs to take an action. We are only weeks away from the first opportunity to put that to the test.



I will not talk about the referendum in which the ruling clique managed to teach the world about the most innovative rigging techniques. Neither will I talk about the large numbers of Egyptians who voted “yes” without even knowing about it. We are now up against a constitution that heralds a new dictatorship and that shows, like prominent Egyptian journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal and the British newspaper the Guardian notes, that the Muslim Brotherhood has kept its promises to authority and not to the people.

According to the Guardian, while the policies of the Muslim Brotherhood stir the indignation of Egyptian citizens, they are quite welcome by the West that is keen on seeing the region unchanged and the same applies to Israel. The United States in particular does not care whether it is Mubarak or Mursi who rule Egypt as long as its interests are protected.

The constitution that was passed illegitimately gives the president powers that are unprecedented in previous Egyptian constitutions and even in the constitutions of Fascist and Communist countries. The constitution, for example, gives the president the right to grant pardon without going back to any state institution. The president had actually started experimenting with this right earlier when he pardoned a considerable number of prisoners who belong to Islamist and Jihadist groups regardless of the fact that several of them were found guilty of terrorist activities and were the reason behind an era of terror that claimed dozens of lives. Those pardons were also not confined to prisoners who completed their sentences or those detained without trial.

It did not stop at that, for those ex-convicts were allowed to take part in politics and to eventually become leaders and lawmakers. The tables were reversed and it is very likely that after adding the history of the Muslim Brotherhood in this year’s history textbooks, next year will witness another change in which militants will be labeled revolutionaries and will be given credit for toppling Mubarak’s regime. When this happens, we better forget about the blood those people split!

I do believe people should be given second chances if they change their ideologies, but on certain conditions, one of which is that they cannot rule us and be in charge of drafting our legislations.

I would like to stop at a complaint filed by the daughter of one of the militants’ victims and I think it serves to refresh the memory of those who try to forget. I ask those who can sense the danger we are about to face to support this complaint and all similar ones. Roaa Sherine Ali Moustafa is the daughter of the General Sherine Ali Moustafa, head of security forces in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Assuit. She filed a lawsuit with the Administrative Court at the State Council calling for the annulment of a presidential decree that pardoned Abdel Hamid Othman Mursi Omran. The convict, Roaa stated in her complaint, conspired with members of his terrorist cell to kill her father and his assistant in 1994. He was also accused of illegal possession of weapons and explosives and belonging to a terrorist group. In addition, he attacked tourists in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Qena and took part in killing a police officer and two of his guards in Assuit in 1993. Omran, the complaint states, carried out eight terrorist operations in Assuit.

Omran was sentenced to 25 years in one case and in another case his sentence was reduced from the death penalty to an additional 25 years.

Omran and several others were released based on a presidential pardon that has now become officially constitutional. Regardless of the vote rigging, this constitution has become a fact. Until and if this changes, it is important for the general’s daughter and family members of all victims of terrorist groups to forget about their loved ones because the country and its constitution now belong to one group and its allies. As for us, all we can do is pray and try to retrieve what was stolen from us.

56334_660_untitled-328By ABDEL LATIF EL-MENAWY

The main stream political Islamists have spoken several times about the “Zero Hour.” Observers –mainly the Egyptian people, are currently confused as to when this hour will come? Some people say this hour will come when people overrun the presidential palace, as stories to topple the president claim, or when the Constitutional Court annuls the Constituent Assembly and its constituents.

This is what the mainstream Islamists have threatened the “infidels –these being many Egyptian people—with. In my opinion, I expect the “zero hour” to take place after the announcement of the referendum’s fraudulent results through which the presidential control over Egypt will be completed.

The “zero hour” will then be triggered when they will all rush to take revenge under the constitutional and legal cover that they created; the revenge that will be commended by the group’s leaders, its members and its allies, will aim to an ethnic cleansing operation on the basis of politics, ideologies and religion. They will take their revenge from those who are different; they do not believe in coexistence: They have been planning for so long and it was obvious since the very first signs about the clan and family. It is a new way of discrimination.

The “zero hour” will take place when they will try to control their prey away from everyone and determine its future as they believe it should be. Their first step will be the constitution that has been quickly drafted during a suspicious strange night. They will definitely try, in every possible way, to ratify this draft document, and this may be a factor that will lead to depression and a sense of futility in Egypt. Nevertheless, I believe that the persistence in declaring the position regarding this constitution, is the remaining hope to show that Egypt did not lose its faithful citizens who still have the ability to save the country against the movement of history.

Therefore, I keep asking to continuously refute this constitution that has shed the blood of the Egyptians who tried to assert their rejection of a constitution that challenges the unity of the country.

The results that were publicized in the first phase of the referendum, strongly confirm my point of view. Despite all the excesses and fraud, it was obvious that almost half of the voters have voted against it. This is not a sign of democracy as their supporters will claim, but rather it depicts a clear split within the country. A modest majority can express democracy in stable societies that had already determined their main choices, but we have a different situation in Egypt because we have not chosen our path yet. We had hoped that this constitution will be the beginning of a new future, but the ruling group decided to take matters into their own hands and follow the principle of exaggeration not compromises, in order to prepare the circumstances for its vision and supranational objectives.

The second phase of the referendum on the constitution, which will take place in few hours, is considered as persistence on underestimating the intelligence and capabilities of the Egyptians. This case of arrogance and moodiness that is controlling the Brotherhood and their allies, reminds me of the situation before the fall of the regimes. Therefore, I ask each person who cares about this nation to reject the abduction of the country. I ask them to reject this constitution and I think that many of the ruling group’s members who have preserved their intellectual independence and still respect their minds, will agree with me.

I will quickly tackle the main points that are the reasons why I ask all those who have a healthy mind and opinion, to refuse it. This “spoiled” document will do the following: it will restrict the freedom of the press and media, it will grant the president the referendum authority even over the court rulings, and it has also made the president the head of the government and at the same time, the mediator between all authorities.

This “spoiled” constitution has also granted the president unlimited powers without any political accountability, and it has also made the Shura Council, the sole legislator until the next parliamentary elections: 85 percent of the council are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies. It misleadingly kept the workers and laborers’ share as it is, and expanded at the same time the definition of the worker and farmer to include the majority of the citizens: this document will control the unions through the government, which has the right to resolve all the unions.

It gave the president the sole right to appoint or dismiss the chiefs of the regulatory authorities, and to appoint the members of the Constitutional Court while dishonorably decreasing their competences and it gave the president as well, the sole right to appoint the leaders of the armed forces. In short, it is a process aiming towards creating a Pharaoh.

More importantly, this document establishes a non-civil state that authorizes the establishment of religious parties, and it is full of stipulations that push Egypt away from being the country and homeland of all the Egyptians.


The Egyptian president, who prides himself along with his supporters for being democratically elected has succeeded in dividing the country. The Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders have managed to use Mohammed Mursi as a puppet, given he’s implemented their policies and ideologies by ethnically cleansing the country of those with different political and religious affiliations. From day one they have taken advantage of the situation, by manipulating the president after they abducted the Egyptian people’s revolution. This was their way of bringing the Brotherhood’s dream to the forefront, after the group was originally founded with British support, to seize power and establish a religious state that transcends the concept of a homeland.

The group has succeeded along with its allies to split the Egyptians into “us” and “them” by using Islam for political gains. Once in the presidential palace, they forced the nation to obey and agree to a new constitutional plan. The brotherhoods supporters agreed to raise taxes but the government has taken the choice to postpone the bills implementation. Others in the newly elected government, who are linked to the group, have also participated in drafting constitutional articles which they know nothing about. All they know is that the Muslim Brotherhood supreme leader is the one with the last word and should be obeyed.

The majority consist of those who were satisfied or did not find a way to get food, except through going as a herd to any square or “obedience and submission” gathering, with other “herds” of allies, who unanimously agree on invading the land and its people. Amid this demented situation, the national and rational moderated voices have faded.

Among the chants that I have heard from those who call themselves as protectors of the legitimacy and Sharia, there was a slogan intended of course to Mr. Mursi, saying that the latter misled his opponents with an empty hand and knocked them out with the other hand; this case has prevailed in the society that they divided. In parallel with all that, a strong desire has emerged to create a state of terror for all their opponents whom they considered as enemies of Islam and Sharia. It comes in light of the remarks that we have recently heard from those who claim to be member of the clergy but were actually blinded by the desire for power; one of them said “thousands are waiting for the zero hour”, and another one added “a faithful one told the brothers that there are hundreds of thousands in the streets of Cairo waiting and alerted” and not far from those, there are some prepared lists of assassination, in case the state collapsed. All the above mentioned states were accompanied by arrogance, verbal terrorism and by their representatives who compulsorily occupied all screens. Why wouldn’t that happen in light of the national media “empowerment” and the siege against the rest of the population, under the knowledge of the leaders who misled the Egyptians, saying that the president will be for everyone. Apparently he only saw his tribe’s members and he only followed the instructions of his group’s leadership; apparently his oath of loyalty, commitment and obedience will always prevail above everything else even if he claims the contrary.

As it seems, they are still working to achieve their goals and take complete control through a constitution that I do not actually believe that it should be regarded as a constitution. They disregarded the rest of the population and as one of their leaders said: “whom who does not like the rule of Islamists, can leave the country”, adding that they can find tens of embassies in Cairo; Didn’t I tell you from the beginning that it is an ethnic cleansing on the basis of political and religious affiliations.

I am afraid, like many others, that what is coming next is much worse in light of this ideology’s seizure of the capabilities of the country, split of the nation’s unity, creation of a state of rupture and their rule according to the “us” and “them” logic; I am also afraid of the imposition of a twisted constitution. This state of provocation and violence is destroying all the elements of society and the homeland concept would not remain as we know it today.

Few weeks ago, I asked a question: “Would he do it?” I was asking about the ability of Mr. Mursi to cut the umbilical cord between him and the Brotherhood so his decision would be for everyone’s sake. Today, I reiterate the question: Can he manly resign before it is too late?


“They captured me, dragged me on the ground, then tied me up. One of them asked me to admit that I received money from certain political figures to attack members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They kept slapping and beating me only to throw me later on the ground filled with other people they detained at the presidential palace.”

This is a testimony by one of the dozens who were attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood’s militias and forced to confess to an imaginary conspiracy adopted by their “elected president,” who insisted that the conspirators had already confessed even though they were not yet interrogated by police and were released afterward.

This simply means that President Mohamed Mursi depended on the investigations conducted by the militias who took it upon themselves to arrest and extract confessions from people and who assumed that the state is theirs. The Brotherhood managed to reveal its true face and could not care less about its image at the moment since its only purpose is the monopoly of power and the exclusion of all kinds of opposition and all under the name of religion which they have been using to reach their worldly gains.

All the policies adopted by the Brotherhood and its representative in the presidency have divided Egypt in two camps. Their conduct is similar to that of King Luis XIII, who ruled France for 54 years (1661-1715). King Luis XIII demanded absolute obedience and identified himself with the state. There will, however, come a day when they will repeat the words the French king said on his death bed: “I will go, but the state will remain.” Hopefully, this would happen before they manage to destroy Egypt.

The Brotherhood wants absolute power and is not willing to share this power except with its allies who have to abide by its rules. They have also organized their ranks so that each unit is doing a different job and all complement each other in the end: militias, preachers, lawyers… etc.

The people’s reaction has definitely surprised and confused them, but this did not stop their leaderships from adding fuel to the fire. They also started manipulating as they pretended to retract while in fact they were preparing for another attack. This was made obvious with the last constitutional declaration that was issued Saturday and which meant to offer illusory concessions in order to authorize the sectarian constitution that lays the foundations of the Brotherhood’s state; the state that is bound to be denounced by all Egyptians.

Finally, it is noteworthy that those political powers struggling to stop the establishment of a dictatorship cannot be categorized as “opposition.” Opposition operates in a stable country with defined policies. They should instead be called the “guardians of the civil state” or “the proponents of citizenship”… those who protect the country from being ruled by one single entity.

By ABDELATIF AL-MENAWYHitler-in-Reichstag

While reviewing some stories in history, which is believed by many to repeat itself in different ways, I stopped at a very important statement attributed to Adolf Hitler. According to the Nazi leader, if you want to control people, tell them they are in danger then question the patriotism of your critics. For me, this seemed like a “constitution” for anyone who would want to lead people like a herd that follows blindly regardless of where it is being led.

I read the story of this “leader” and how he came to power which he later used to destroy Germany and the whole world.

Hitler was an eloquent orator and he attracted his audience with his body language, especially hand gestures, and his powerful voice. The speeches he delivered to soldiers in 1919 and 1920 played a major role in enhancing his oration skills. In those speeches, he talked about back-stabbing the German army during the First World War, the Marxist Jewish conspiracy to invade the world, the betrayal to which Germany was subjected in the Versailles Treaty. He was also very good at finding a scapegoat on which he can lay all the blame for the calamities befalling his people. By time, Hitler managed to be a perfect orator who knows how to emotionally manipulate his audience.

Huge numbers of people where indoctrinated in annual meetings were they pledged allegiance to the Nazi Party, took part in marches, and firmly raised their hands to greet their leader.

A propaganda film called Triumph of the Will depicted one of the Nazi annual meetings held in Nuremberg in 1934. In this film, Hitler was either filmed from above or from underneath but not there were no close-ups, except only twice. This filming method presented him as an idol.

Hitler used to deliver the same speech several times: first in front of the army then in clubs all over Germany.

In 1919, Hitler joined the National German Workers’ Party. The following year, he left the army and became totally dedicated to the party. He became the head of the party and changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party with the swastika as its logo.

Hitler was supported by the media, which took it upon itself to propagate the ideology of the party. From that point onwards, Hitler started to be considered the savior of Germany, which was then undergoing a severe economic depression following its defeat in World War One.

Hitler came to power democratically. The depression and the turmoil accompanying it triggered a state of tension which was enhanced by the power struggles between different political factions. Consequently, early elections were held in September 1930 and the Nazi Party jumped from being the ninth party to the second, winning 18.3% of the votes and 107 seats in the parliament. Hitler was able to assume full control and to crush all sorts of opposition in a violent manner whether through the Gestapo, forced migrations, or extermination camps.

The cabinet, headed by Hitler, agreed to give him absolute powers following the death of the German president. He became the chancellor of Germany and the supreme commander of its armed forces with 84.6% of the people approving his policies as demonstrated by a referendum held at the time even though they were in stark violation with the constitution and the law. Hitler managed to get rid of all the legitimate tools that can be used to oust him and no one dared to object. Needless to say, no entity had the right to monitor his performance.

There are so many details in the life of this “leader” and they are all worth reading. Hopefully, his downfall will offer some lesson to be learnt!