Multi-level misery

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Abdel Latif El-menawy

The misery of our country is not only because of those who are governing it, their followers and representatives in different government entities, nor in their policies of exclusion and their grip that is pushing us to unknown phases of the history. The misery can be found as well among their cultural, political and economic elite.

I will start with the economic elite, represented by business men “or most of them,” who really proved the saying that “the capital is coward”. This “capitalist” elite changed the course of its ship 180 degrees, and after spending the past years praising the former regime and its figures, they performed a complete make-over in the past two years to become revolutionaries and corruption fighters, to an extent that one might mistake them for “Che Guevara”.

As soon as the Muslim Brotherhood assumed power, these businessmen became the founding fathers of Islamic economy and its fierce defenders, and some went so far, until he discovered in his genealogy tree, that he had always been, without knowing it, a descendant of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that their teachings were deeply enrooted inside him as well as his family. Another one discovered that he spent all of his life hiding that his name is the name of the brotherhood’s leader, or as he claimed, kept hiding this truth by fear of persecution from the former regime, whom he happened to be one of its eager supporters. They even forgot their former alignment and support to the “future association,” and business men associations headed at these times by the key figures of the former regime. These acrobatic movements of those who seek personal benefits at the expense of public interest, is a disappointing model that provokes everyone to resist this behavior, which contradicts the “real” role of capitalism in raising the nation’s awareness and favoring advancement and progress in the world.

As for the cultural, political and media elites, you can talk freely about some of them, as we all witnessed this transformation, fickleness and acrobatic jumps. We witnessed this and exposed them in the past two years, and I will not stay for long at this station, which was the subject of more comments than it deserved, but I would look into the phenomena of those who supported the political Islamist movement in their endeavor to take control of the country, then discovered after coming out empty handed, that distancing politics from religion will stop bargaining in the name of the latter, and that it is wrong to involve religion in politics. While another apologizes for supporting the Brotherhood and their candidate, as if he has discovered after all these years that it is wrong to put the country at the mercy of the political Islamist groups…these late discoveries, directly related to their personal loss of individual benefits is a crime against the society, regardless of how much they try to hide that reality.

But the biggest catastrophe of all, the biggest suffering of the country, is this division and mutual weakening exerted by the powers who were supposed to join forces in order to preserve the civil state of the government, but they were scattered, unfortunately, on the road of seeking fake leadership or to settle old debts of blood and vengeance.


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