Mursi’s tale of 100 days: a burden without fruits

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

By |Abdal Latif El-menawy

Neither anyone forced Egyptian President Mohamad Mursi to set 100 days as a deadline to execute his program, nor did anyone set this 100 days agenda to the Muslim Brotherhoods candidate upon his elections, but he bound himself to it, all by himself.

After declaring victory at the presidential elections, he was the one who insisted on these topics and the time frame to solve them.

When he set his priorities, I felt at that time that this is happening at the wrong moment, this isn’t what Egypt needed at this stage, as we were waiting for a president to rule Egypt, the republic, not for a district manager. The post-revolution Egypt was divided and fragmented, and the first priority should have been to unite the country and heal the wounds of the fragmentation and disparity, but what happened then, and is happening now is just the opposite, and it might be fair to remind that I was referring to the president’s own people and close allies at the beginning of this editorial.

In spite of this, what he committed himself and his administration to does grant us the right to discuss these promises and gauge what was achieved, especially that the new officials he appointed cloned their predecessors in praising the wisdom of Mr. President, and they competed in issuing statements, starting mostly with the same key message, praising the wisdom and greatness of the 100-day presidential program, and that all their care and their plans will converge in making the president’s dreams come true. And I may add that these officials outperformed their predecessors in seeking the wisdom of Mr. president, to an extent that they might have composed a song or written a book about the 100-day program, if they had enough time to do it.

I would leave it to every Egyptian who suffers there nowadays to determine, by himself, what was achieved of the presidential candidate’s promises, he who insisted on both the program and the timeline. I will leave the appraisal to all those who lived these 100 days and witnessed how their lives were affected, and if their daily life has improved during the past 99 days, and I will ask them to put their hopes in the remaining day, as a miracle might happen, or maybe the ruling party has prepared a mega surprise to the Egyptians by fulfilling all the promises of their candidate who became president, before the sunset of the 100th day, which is tomorrow.

I will look into what we would have liked to see happening and what really happened. And as I stated earlier, the main goal which should have been set, taking into consideration the importance of preserving the best interests of the country, its unity and its strength, would have been that the new president commits himself, especially that he arrived in doubtful, ambiguous and mysterious circumstances in a divided country, it was expected that he plays a major role in reuniting Egyptians, to attempt to get closer to the other half of Egyptians who didn’t choose him and refused him and his group. National reconciliation and getting closer to the refusing half should have been the top priority, reassuring and creating serenity and satisfying those who opposed him should have been the program of the first days in office, but this wasn’t looked at, not even for a single hour in single day. On the contrary, they were all busy with gathering profits; they had the feeling of power and were seeking revenge from those who refused them and their candidate, to an extent that there was a public feeling at that time that they wouldn’t have doubted for a second if they could empty the country from their opponents and gather them in camps in the desert.

Instead of filling the key positions with the right candidates who have the adequate skills, it was clear that they were seeking to divide the pie among their allies, supporters and followers, and this was accompanied with steady steps towards fulfilling their historic sleeping plan for decades, which is to establish themselves firmly. I hope that nobody will make fun of this statement and deny it, as the proof is in all what we’re seeing in all fields, and as I know, or what was said, that they are preparing now their own list of village chiefs to complete their deep-rooting plan.

At the economic front, all what we witnessed till now is an attempt to bypass the main problems rather than taking the bull by the horns, as instead of solving the biggest issue facing Egypt nowadays, they act like the lazy student who does everything except admitting the fact that he has to study and work hard in order to succeed. And we may ask, what happened so far? The great success of convincing the World Bank officials to visit Egypt, then the Big Guy confirms that the visit is a sign of confidence in Egypt (!!) but we didn’t see yet the loan that was the subject of a gigantic debate about its religious legitimacy, nor did we hear about the means of spending it and paying it back if it happens. The second achievement is a loan or a bank deposit from the State of Qatar, the prime supporter to the Muslim Brotherhood and the supporter of unrest in the region, but we didn’t know how and when, and most importantly at what interest rate, which is higher than the applicable rates. The other big achievement is the loan from turkey announced by the prime minister, because it is at a normal rate. This is the achievement, loans and borrowing attempts with no news about the real economy, as we didn’t hear till now about any attempt to find a solution to the problems of Egyptian, Arab and foreign investors who suffer from the repelling public mood, as many projects are halted or are almost stopped because of the inability to take a decision or waiting for new instructions (!!), and the price will surely be paid by the people because of the halted projects and investments in addition to the huge compensations in international arbitration.

What we witnessed to date is the emergence of a new class of Brotherhood businessmen of all ages standing behind them or in their shadows. We started witnessing monopolist practices in the market of consumer products, and all we heard about are attempts to buy existing and productive projects by the brotherhood businessmen or their partners or their allies from allied countries, but we didn’t hear about the establishment of any productive investment project, except if we consider that the new supermarket chain is one of them!

I will not give a lot of space today for the foreign policy but I will just mention that all what was done to date is mere movement, without any strategic purpose, except making some noise and giving the new president the image of a leader, which will strengthen his position locally and internationally without any commitment or any price, and it seems that somebody is working on this front, somewhere, to make enough noise to generate a leader. But let’s talk about the end result, frankly, and I will share some headlines: Egypt, in the actual situation, isn’t able to have any impact on what’s happening in Syria, and it lost any opportunity to play any role by the grandiose statements which can never bear any fruits. And Egypt lost a lot of its role in managing the Palestinian crisis after losing its central role and non-biased position towards all Palestinian parties, as the new Egyptian leaders don’t hide their alliance with Hamas in Ghaza, which creates some kind of adversity with the other side.

As for the numerous so-called Historic visits, any observer and expert in foreign relations can describe them as the old Arabic proverb says: much ado about nothing, but we still have to take the burden without any fruits.


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