The Republic of Terror

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Abdellatif El-menawy

Creating a republic of fear and terror will never move society forward. It will only reinforce the domination of the new ruling power to which the country has fallen prey to.

This owes to the serious drawbacks other political factions in the scene are suffering from.

The current ruling power in Egypt seems to be raising the banner of vengeance against the different echelons of society. They get back at those who criticize them or threaten their interests and all according to the law and in a way that does not violate Islamic principles, as they keep repeating!!!

Now every Egyptian is guilty until pledging allegiance to the ruling group. This was made clear in the massive clampdown on national newspapers, in which they managed to use their legislative and legal powers. This attack was overlooked by syndicate leaderships who have always supported journalists and the press throughout the toughest of times and this is bound to incur a very dear price. This coincided with another attack on the part of preachers, in which they accused anyone who disagreed with them of apostasy with absolute impunity.

The vengeance saga continues as the new ruling clique instructs its legal militias to file all sorts of complaints against all sorts of people who may have nothing in common except their opposition to the group’s actions or stances or possibly that they had a disagreement with them some time ago and now the time has come for reckoning.

What is funny are the statements issued by these new rulers, in which they keep stressing that they have nothing to do with these complaints, which they say are filed by honorable citizens who aim to rid society of corruption … again a million exclamation marks are needed here!!!

It did not stop at that. There is also a tendency to reopen old cases. There is even talk among legal veterans that one of the new officials asked his assistants to bring him all the lawsuits in which anyone related to the former regime was involved and said that he will even re-investigate ones that have already been closed. There has also been talk of 300 people being in this “vengeance list” and that measures against each and every one of them will be taken very soon. This is what I call the republic of terror.

Those coming to Egypt or going out of Egypt, whether activists or businessmen, have become increasingly concerned. The ones who leave Egypt do not know if they will find their name on a travel ban list and the ones entering Egypt are not sure whether they will go from the airport to their homes or somewhere else.

When I read that former Minister of Culture Farouk Hosny is to be referred to the criminal court I was not surprised because this fits perfectly into the current context. It doesn’t matter if the man has always been known for his honesty, since revenge is the crux of the matter here. The same applies to a wide range of politicians, businessmen, and free thinkers and who are now constantly threatened by the vindictive machine of a group that monopolized the country which had once been a homeland for all of us.

Again, there is no way a society can move forward under this prevalence of terror and this intolerance to difference. We have so far not seen anything but this attitude in which people are judged by their past stances on the ruling group regardless of how much they served the country at any point. Paying the price for your opposition to the group is what takes precedence here!!!


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