Can we still save what can be saved?

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Abdellatif Elmenawy

One of the most imperative problems that Egypt has suffered from in the past few decades, and which has escalated during the last few years of the former regime, is the state of extreme weakness that has afflicted all opposition forces and movements; I precisely mean the civilian groups. This problem has many reasons that cannot be specified by order of importance or influence. With its existence and interaction, this problem has caused a state of severe weakness that was the number one characteristic of the civilian opposition that has disappointed many during serious events.

The behavior of the ruling party at that time, which has evolved in the last few years, was mainly based on a monopolistic and obsessed behavior that adopted the strategy of enrolling in its ranks each and every person who could have been included, and most importantly, to prevent any other civilian opposition force from strengthening its ranks and its political and popular presence. The ruling party has worked to weaken the civilian opposition, and at an earlier stage, it has exercised management and security practices that prevented the opposition from getting a real opportunity to propagate naturally. So when these restrictions and administrative obstacles were alleviated, and later on, when the opposition was actually able to work, the latter was so weak and paralyzed and this is what prevented it from taking control of the country. That weakness was in parallel with the unlimited possibilities of the ruling party that allowed the latter to move and spread in a society whose members seek to get closer to the authorities even if they did not agree with them. The outcome was a severe loss for the civilian forces and subsequently, the acquisition state of the country for the ruling party.

However, the rulers do not carry all the responsibilities; It was the responsibility of the civilian opposition forces, a large number of liberals in addition to those who are linked to liberals’ payrolls. Those who occupied the elites’ positions, surrendered to this situation: some of them found that the best thing is to surrender to the fait accompli so they traded the opposition and its years of suffering, and then became an ally to the ruling power under other titles and names. Moreover, some of these powers have decided to play the role of the analyst, examining any action or move to acquire the legitimate existence, approval or participation of the analyst himself. However, some other forces have been affected by the regime’s disease related to aging leadership, ideas and struggle for positions within their opposition organizations that are not even represented in the streets. I can say that civilian forces have had more than one opportunity to have an influential role on the ground, but they were not seized because the opposition was at that time like the bird that was used to live in a cage, so it refused to fly.

This situation was one of the main reasons that contributed in the spread and infiltration of the religious political movements into the society; they are movements that naturally have the ability to live and spread despite the unfavorable circumstances, especially in the absence of the regime’s real political vision regarding the civil opposition concept, in addition to the lack of vision regarding the dangerous absence of such opposition groups and underestimation of the religious political groups capabilities.

The question now is whether there has been a significant change in the community or not? Did the ruling power or opposition civil forces recognize the new reality? I think the answer to this question is the duty of all the interested parties in maintaining the civil state, and more importantly, to act in order to overcome the problems of the former reign. I can brief my answer, but it should be seriously treated and examined. What I can approve at this point, is that the new rulers policies confirm that they follow the same monopolistic obsessive path that was practiced before, with some dangerous adjustments on the ground. The current ruling party is limiting its monopoly and acquisition on the brotherhood members and followers, and it is driving away the non-followers. It is even expanding within the state’s departments to completely control the junction, which allows the ruling party to use the administrative means in the process of “weakening” the community and preventing the rise of a strong civil current that would create a relative balance in the community. The details are numerous and the examples are unlimited, during the short previous era.

The above is in regards to the new rulers, but with reference to the civil forces, it seems that a part of the former reign diseases is still rooted in some of these forces. Some of them have kept on playing the old analyst role that they excelled in, while others sustained their internal disagreement on the leadership of a ship that does not yet exist. As for other civil powers, they have been busy confirming their identity and authority; they have selfishly behaved and turned into separate islands that turned out to be often conflicting, and instead of looking for points of agreement and broaden the agreement base, they were preoccupied with some mutual accusations of revolutionary treason related to being part of the former regime, questioning the positions in the inside and outside axis, in addition to leadership desires that hinders the coalition and agreement between these powers. The motto of those wanting to protect the Egypt society is “Dear Egyptian citizens unite!” but unfortunately, they are either too busy or still suffering from the disease of the past era. The result is a deafness that hampers hearing the call and a failure to act properly.

(This article was first published on Alarabiya news )



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